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You would think GOP should be in driver’s seat, but maybe not


“You would think with the Democrats having eight years in the presidency, that by the time the 2016 election came around, the Republicans might be in good shape. After all, the Obama presidency, so far, has not especially distinguished itself. And its effort to reform Medicare with Obamacare has met stiff opposition by many, those on the left and right.”

Tom Barton: Life is short, but love is forever
“I wish this column had a happy ending. But it doesn’t. It has a horrible ending, in fact. But the beginning and the middle are worth telling, as it renews your faith in your fellow man.”
Source: Savannah Morning News

Property tax cut: Salute to Pooler
“Is everything cooler in Pooler this summer? It sure is, especially when it comes to property taxes.”
Source: Savannah Morning News

Cartoon: Mark Streeter — Big Game
Source: Savannah Morning News


• Mike Lester: Justice Dept. facilitated and funded
Source: Rome News-Tribune 

• Mike Luckovich: A Mickey Mouse judicial system
Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution 

Kimeko McCoy: Don’t get mad about verdict; be proactive
“My mother has always told me that there are three sides to every story — yours, mine and the truth.”
Source: Savannah Morning NewsCharlie Harper: Judge alters election dates
“Friday morning Georgians were told that the way we elect our party nominees and conduct general election runoffs will change. Federal Judge Steve C. Jones set dates for primaries for candidates seeking federal offices, as well as moved the general election runoff to January, should one be required.”
Source: Columbus Ledger-Enquirer

Dick Yarbrough: Officials remain in thrall to lobbyists
“After much posturing, the General Assembly passed a sleeves-out-of-their-vest piece of legislation on lobbying reform in the last session and wants us to believe they have answered our concerns. Not so. Lobbyists still have better and more frequent access to politicians in state government than We the Unwashed.”
Source: Athens Banner-Herald

Ed Grisamore: Not the best way to come home tired
“Bobby Goolsby is used to coming home tired. A good kind of tired, though, like the feeling of accomplishment at the end of a day’s work.”
Source: Macon Telegraph

County commission not slowing down as consolidation approaches
“The Bibb County Commission has embarked on an aggressive effort to upgrade the county’s recreation infrastructure. It has purchased a 20-acre plot of land facing Rocky Creek Road that was the former home of Gilead Baptist Church and Gilead Christian Academy. The property is adjacent to Bloomfield Recreation Center that was already slated to receive $2 million from special purpose local option sales tax funds set aside for recreation purposes.”
Source: Macon Telegraph

Sam Nunn, Aaron Tucek: A generationally balanced deficit agreement
“The House and Senate have each passed their own budgets. The president has submitted a budget proposal of his own. And yet, as we close in on the mid-point of the year, no action has been taken to resolve the differences and agree on an overall fiscal plan for the nation. This would be an abdication of responsibility under any circumstances, but it is particularly so now.”
Source: Macon Telegraph

Catherine Meeks: …But, he shot his brother
“The quasi-documentary film “I AM” by director Tom Shadyac, the director of “Ace Ventura” and “Nutty Professor” fame explores the question of the interconnections of human life and it makes a convincing case about that connection and the results of continually disregarding that fact. This film can help to enlarge our viewpoint on the George Zimmerman verdict and in shifting the conversation.”
Source: Macon Telegraph

Carlton Fletcher: Folks here know country…and that ain’t country
“I laugh at people like “Stone Cold” Steve Austin (not to his face, of course), the beardy guy on “Duck Dynasty,” Honey Boo Boo and about half of the singers whose songs sit at the top of the country music charts these days.”
Source: Albany Herald

Qualifying for Brunswick seats shows little interest so far
“Qualifying for one of three seats on the City Commission is just over a month away, and so far there seems to be little interest in the future of this port community. The only ones announcing to date are incumbents, and the status of one of them – James Brooks – is uncertain at this time. Brooks was suspended from office by Gov. Nathan Deal.”
Source: Brunswick News

Cobb’s resident cap law serves a purpose
“Should Cobb County amend its law that prohibits more than two unrelated adults from sharing a home, regardless of the number of bedrooms it has? We suspect most local residents would answer a strong “no,” despite the recent complaints from a local landlord to the Cobb Planning Commission.”
Source: Marietta Daily Journal

Don McKee: Zimmerman verdict evokes divided opinions across the country
“From east to west and north to south, editorial pages are either defending or denouncing the “not guilty” verdict in the fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin by neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman in Sanford, Fla.”
Source: Marietta Daily Journal

Politics eclipses sun
“When advocacy of generating electricity from solar or wind energy first emerged in the long ago, it was aimed at helping people to “get off the grid” by breaking dependence on corporate/government suppliers … and prices. It was part of a combined survivalist/back-to-the-land movement at a time (January 1970 if one dates it to the appearance of the first issue of Mother Earth News) when such thinking became a hedge against nuclear war returning mankind to starting civilization all over again.”
Source: Rome News-Tribune

Todd Cline: Lilburn City Manager comes up aces
“Bill Johnsa gets the same reaction every time he recites the number. People are incredulous, thinking he’s pulling their leg.”
Source: Gwinnett Daily Post


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