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Columbus Regional to delay capital campaign


A lawsuit has been filed against the John B. Amos Cancer Center alleging billing fraud.

Source: Columbus Ledger-Enquirer/Sunday

Athens group considers adopting Nevada program to offer health care to uninsured
The typical participant in the Nevada program is a working adult who earns too much for Medicaid eligibility. Members pay about $40 monthly for membership in the program, and they then pay set fees for doctor visits, medical procedures and hospital stays.
Source: Athens Banner-Herald/Sunday

• Small businesses benefit from nonprofit health care network
For many small businesses in Reno, Nev., the Access to Healthcare Network (AHN) offered a welcome respite for those struggling to provide health care to employees.
Source: Athens Banner-Herald/Sunday 

• Low-wage workers find care from specialists within reach under Arizona program
Athens soon will become the first community outside Nevada to implement a plan to help the underinsured.
Source: Athens Banner-Herald 

Rome-area hospitals prepare for Obamacare
“It’s going to be a tremendous financial squeeze that’s coming at us,” said Kurt Stuenkel, president and CEO of Floyd Medical Center. “It’s an issue for every health care administration in the state of Georgia.”
Source: Rome News-Tribune/Sunday

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