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Tybee sewage: The straight flush


Sometimes, starting from scratch is the best and only option. In the case of Tybee Island’s antiquated sewer lines, city officials rightly agree. Island residents should, too.
Source: Savannah Morning News/Saturday

Cartoon: Mark Streeter: Mo$$
Source: Savannah Morning News/Saturday

• Mark Streeter — Nuptials
Source: Savannah Morning News/Sunday 

• Rick McKee: Proud parent of a suicide bomber
Source: Augusta Chronicle/Sunday 

• Mike Luckovich: Second opinion
Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution/Sunday 

• Mike Lester: Bomber cover
Source: Rome News-Tribune/Sunday 

• Mike Lester: Detroit
Source: Rome News-Tribune 

Kevin Greiner: Tax credit would improve Savannah’s air quality
“Savannah is a terrific place to live, offering natural beauty, a great quality of life, and a growing economy. Clean air, unfortunately, remains one of the region’s challenges.”
Source: Savannah Morning News/Saturday

Divisive demagoguery
“Opponents of George Zimmerman are creating the very racial animus they claim he harbored.”
Source: Augusta Chronicle/Saturday

John A. Tures: Never ashamed to be an American
“In response to hearing about the verdict in the George Zimmerman trial, the creator of the critically acclaimed television series “The Wire” claimed it made him “embarrassed to be an American.” The writer, a former crime reporter from Baltimore, is white, by the way. But while he will surely be criticized for saying those words, he’s not too different from a lot of folks out there.”
Source: Columbus Ledger-Enquirer/Saturday

Tom Barton: Beware of prosecutors who persecute
“It’s sometimes said that a competent prosecutor can convince a grand jury to indict a ham sandwich. That’s because the accused isn’t represented in these secret proceedings. There’s no judge either.”
Source: Savannah Morning News/Sunday

Zimmerman verdict: Obama talks sense
“President Obama talked some sense Friday about last weekend’s acquittal of George Zimmerman, which has raised tensions in this country and widened the racial divide.”
Source: Savannah Morning News/Sunday

Civic starvation
“You’ve been leading a double life, whether you realize it or not. You have your private life – or what’s left of it. And then you have your public life.”
Source: Augusta Chronicle/Sunday

Dimon Kendrick-Holmes: 3,000 mile family road trip was filled with surprises
“My family just returned from a 3,000-mile road trip. In 10 days, we did what the tourism boards in the Great Lakes region call a “Circle Tour.” It wasn’t exactly a circle, especially when we got through with it.”
Source: Columbus Ledger-Enquirer/Sunday

Darrell Huckaby: Homemade ice cream is just peachy
“Ice cream season is upon us, y’all. My family and I have spent the past week at Salem Camp Ground, our home away from home. Camp meeting is a time for getting reacquainted with friends you haven’t seen in year or so, for studying God’s word, for old time gospel music accompanied by stem-winding preaching and enormous caloric intake, several times a day.”
Source: Athens Banner-Herald/Sunday

Rachel Tribble: ‘Must-see’ attractions are at home
“With children, some things are just “must-see.” On vacation, it’s usually the arcade, the ice cream shop, and the place that makes homemade fudge. Historic sites rarely make the list, and when they do, they’re tagged on “if we have time.” Our family is no exception.”
Source: Athens Banner-Herald/Sunday

Allie Chambers: Athens Health Network working to launch safety-net program
“With our healthcare system often portrayed as fragmented and ineffective, wouldn’t it be a welcome change to hear that our community is rejecting the status quo? That the agencies and individuals that have an interest in serving the uninsured have all come together to collaborate instead of compete? And that this group is ready to begin implementing a revolutionary program proven to offer access to healthcare for uninsured individuals?”
Source: Athens Banner-Herald/Sunday

Myra Blackmon: We’re human beings, not tools for profit
“If you’re like me, you get several pieces of mail each week marked “Important Information Regarding your Privacy!” And if you’re like me, you quickly scan them, then toss them in the recycling bin.”
Source: Athens Banner-Herald/Sunday

Ed Grisamore: Thank heavens for sticky notes
“We make lists on them, write reminders and leave words of encouragement in their margins. We attach them to the corners of desks and the bottoms of letters. But a sticky note will stick for only so long.”
Source: Macon Telegraph/Sunday

Bibb School Board needs to do its job and get out of the way
“The switch in starting dates for the Bibb County School System will do nothing to increase its grade from an “F” in a recent survey. Although the results of that survey of parents, educators and others are a bit confusing. It’s somewhat like grading Congress — which had an approval rating of just 10 percent in June — with most people giving their individual representatives high marks. Those taking the school survey, some 1,271, gave the system no higher than a “C,’ and 51 percent gave the system an “F.” Individual schools, however, generally received better grades.”
Source: Macon Telegraph/Sunday

David Oedel: Growing Libertarianism
“The Libertarian Party is largely a refuge for protesters and others on the fringe of the nation’s political life. It garnered less than 1 percent of the vote in the 2012 presidential election, and will probably remain irrelevant.”
Source: Macon Telegraph/Sunday

Charles Richardson: ‘The talk’
“I’m a child of the 1950s. I started coming of age during the turbulent 1960s of the Civil Rights Movement and the “Free Love” ’70s. My mother had the “The Talk” with me knowing she wouldn’t always be around to protect me.”
Source: Macon Telegraph/Sunday

Dr. Bill Cummings: Who cares about me?
“I hear this all the time: ‘Who gives a damn about me? All management wants is production: work, work, work and pay as little as possible.’”
Source: Macon Telegraph/Sunday

Flushing our toilets
“Fortunately for the city’s image in the greater world, very few folks who have never been to Rome proper follow what pops up in the local news as of great and serious concern. Otherwise they might have the impression that Rome has fallen into ruin.”
Source: Rome News-Tribune/Sunday

Governed by the other guy
“Is everybody happy about the way things are going in Rome government, Rome schools and Cave Spring elected leadership? Despite all the steam coming out of the ears of many citizens making comments online about this and that, it is likely it won’t turn into energy.”
Source: Rome News-Tribune

Todd Cline: New nonprofit board right step for Partnership Gwinnett
“As meetings go, Friday’s inagural session of the newly created Partnership Gwinnett Public Funding Entity (PFE) was nondescript. Decisions on how public funding will be used for economic development were tabled, but moving forward any decisions the group makes will be a matter of public record.”
Source: Gwinnett Daily Post

H.R. McMaster: The pipe dream of easy war
“‘A great deal of intelligence can be invested in ignorance when the need for illusion is deep,’ the novelist Saul Bellow once wrote. We should keep that in mind when we consider the lessons from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan — lessons of supreme importance as we plan the military of the future.”
Source: New York Times

Image isn’t everything, but a good one sure helps
“Mayor Dorothy Hubbard made a statement last week that deserves to be repeated and thought about.”
Source: Albany Herald

Carlton Fletcher: Reaction to Zimmerman verdict an eerie O.J. reminder
“I experienced a sense of deja vu last weekend with the announcement of the verdict in the George Zimmerman murder/manslaughter trial.”
Source: Albany Herald

Adam Van Brimmer: Local homebrewers challenge avoids last call
“Vincent Becker never fit the image of a bootlegger. His still is in his garage, not some secluded clearing in the woods. The product makes you lick your lips rather than dry watering eyes.”
Source: Savannah Morning News

Civics lesson: Don’t be Detroit
“Detroit’s decline as a great American city did not start on the outside. The rot started from within. That’s a lesson all municipal governments must learn.”
Source: Savannah Morning News

Simply historic
“Augusta is proud to claim Jessye Norman as our own. But truly, she belongs to the world. The Augusta native and Lucy C. Laney High School graduate is a world-traveled soprano and a Grammy-winning opera singer, concertist and recitalist. Her fame and her voice have been sounded across the globe, and she’s been heard and hailed and recognized at the Kennedy Center, Carnegie Hall, Europe and beyond.”
Source: Augusta Chronicle

Jim Houston: MCSD would better serve public by doing more of its business in sunlight
“The Muscogee County Board of Education should pause to consider applying Justice Brandeis’ observation to its activities — past, present and future.”
Source: Columbus Ledger-Enquirer

Local poverty is persistent — but is it intractable?
“Like so much about the economy since 2008, the statistics we get seems to consist mostly of mixed message. Case in point: While Georgia was particularly hard hit by the Great Recession, Columbus fared better than most comparable cities, and consistently better than the state as a whole. Employment numbers have mostly been higher than the state average, and our economic base grew (BRAC, Kia, etc.) while others were contracting.”
Source: Columbus Ledger-Enquirer

Walter Jones: Georgia lawmakers dusting off scripts for another run at tax reform
“Television viewers have long recognized summer as a time for reruns, and Republican legislators trying to make Georgia the first state in a half-century to end a major tax sounds like the political version of that phenomenon.”
Source: Athens Banner-Herald

Ed Grisamore: Not too tired to tell his story
“Ryan Prior can remember the date. It was Oct. 22, 2006, four days before his 17th birthday. He came home from school, went to bed and slept for 16 hours. He did the same thing the next day. And the next. And the next.”
Source: Macon Telegraph

Remaking Marietta: Manget redo offers renewed optimism
“Recessions come and recessions go, but “The Great Recession” was a monster all its own whose effects still linger — especially in parts of Marietta that were in the early stages of redevelopment when it started sweeping across the country in 2008. A number of tracts that had been cleared and slated for new residential development found themselves stalled as lenders were rocked and builders started going belly up.”
Source: Marietta Daily Journal

Don McKee: Prospect of county ‘rain tax’ adds to feeling of tax saturation 
“You might have thought we had more than enough taxes already, but Cobb County’s strategic plan to be considered this fall by our commissioners raises the specter of a new ‘rain tax.’”
Source: Marietta Daily Journal

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