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Rockwood Pigments underway near Augusta airport


The plant will make synthetic pigments used in construction, coatings, concrete and plastics. The facility, which will hire 80 to 100 employees, is the first of its kind built in the country in the past 35 years.
Source: Augusta Chronicle

TSYS reports $57.7 million second-quarter profit
However, earnings per share are down 13 percent.
Source: Columbus Ledger-Enquirer

International Agribusiness Conference and Expo to be held in Savannah
The event will be held September 25-26 in Savannah and will draw industry experts from across the country.
Source: Athens Banner-Herald

Quality Industries in Hartwell gets 8 federal citations
Officials say three repeat violations involve the company exposing workers to fall hazards, fires and explosives and entanglement hazards. The five serious violations include the company failing to post informational signs about hazards, sanitizing protective equipment, ensuring workers wear protective safety goggles and more.
Source: Athens Banner-Herald

Glock Inc. to provide 2,300 pistols to Atlanta police department
Source: Atlanta Business Chronicle


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