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Controversial inscription removed from MLK memorial in Washington


Plans call for sculptor Lei Yixin to carve grooves over the former words to match existing horizontal “striation” marks in the memorial. Lei said he is working to deepen all the memorial’s grooves so that they will match.
Source: WSB-TV

• Chinese sculptor removes inscription from King memorial
Source: New York Times 

Political Insider: Chattanooga editor fired for ‘shove it’ headline aimed at Obama
Drew Johnson, who wrote “Take your jobs plan and shove it” editorial while President Obama was visiting Chattanooga earlier this week, has been fired.
Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Jamie Dupree: Congress leaves until after Labor Day
“As Senators headed home on Thursday afternoon, with House members ready to join them on Friday for a five week vacation, lawmakers in Congress are leaving Washington with precious few achievements to show the folks back home.”
Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Spending impasse continues as GOP disagreements continue
“If we can’t recognize the reality of those failures, then we’ve got big problems,” said Senator Johnny Isakson, the unofficial leader of the Senate Republican negotiators.
Source: New York Times

Rep. John Lewis takes over Creative Loafing for an issue on nonviolence
The newspaper invited Rep. Lewis to guest-edit an issue of Creative Loafing.
Source: Creative Loafing Atlanta

• Rep. John Lewis: A note from the guest editor
“I feel deeply honored to have the opportunity to serve as a guest editor of this wonderful publication. I have often said that without the media, the Civil Rights Movement would have been like a bird without wings. Today more than ever, we need a diverse, vibrant media and Creative Loafing serves an important role in our community.”
Source: Creative Loafing Atlanta

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