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Back to school, a change in mornings


“In a couple of days, it will be time to wake up early. It will be time to wait on the arrival of school buses. It will be time for the morning traffic to increase.”

Source: Valdosta Daily Times

Good horse sense: Sink the stink
“Life in Savannah hasn’t gotten to the point where problems like horse excrement on downtown streets and abandoned shopping carts deserve to be at the top of Savannah City Council’s agenda. Far more important issues merit the mayor’s and council’s time.”
Source: Savannah Morning News/Saturday

Edward Chisolm: ‘Host’ of Black mentors serving youths
“I am in full support of ensuring that we have enough male mentors to do as stated in Aug. 1 Savannah Morning News editorial ‘Save the males.’”
Source: Savannah Morning News/Saturday

Cartoon: Mark Streeter — Flagged
Source: Savannah Morning News/Saturday


• Mark Streeter: Small-minded
Source: Savannah Morning News/Sunday

• Rick McKee: What I did on my summer vacation
Source: Augusta Chronicle/Sunday

• Mike Lester: Anthony Weiner II
Source: Rome News-Tribune/Sunday

• Mike Luckovich: Welcome to the neighborhood
Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution/weekend

The GOP’s suicide pact
Republicans are about to choose between suicide and assisted suicide. The federal government is running out of money again, and Congress needs to pass legislation to fund the 2014 fiscal year, which starts in October. Thus, Congress and the president will soon be debating whether to raise the limit on the nation’s credit card.”
Source: Augusta Chronicle/Saturday

Dimon Kendrick-Holmes: Giving, taking and trying not to get played
“This is about giving, taking and trying not to get played. A couple of months ago, I was ordering breakfast at a downtown restaurant and the waitress asked if I wanted gravy with my country-fried steak.”
Source: Columbus Ledger-Enquirer/Saturday

Ed Harbison: Phone ruling will affect area market
“To succeed in promoting competition within the mobile device market, local and regional carriers need great devices to complement the innovative services and customer support that they provide. And most, if not all, carriers will tell you that Samsung’s Android-powered smartphones are integral to such a product portfolio. What’s more, the phones are much sought after among mobile phone customers given the various price points at which they are available.”
Source: Columbus Ledger-Enquirer/Saturday

Dink NeSmith: ‘Legends Tour’ includes stop in noted attorney’s office
“If the aluminum foil was crumpled and applied just right to the rabbit ears — pointing toward Savannah — Perry Mason appeared in frosted black and white shades, courtesy of CBS affiliate WTOC. I can still hear the taaaadah-da-tump, taaaadah-da-tump of the theme song that warned us to scramble for a seat in front of our 21-inch Majestic TV.”
Source: Athens Banner-Herald/Saturday

Around Town: Latest stadium woes hike chances Falcons could fly to Franklin Road 
“The Atlanta Falcons have gone from Plan A to Plan B in their attempt to build a new stadium. Can “Plan C” — i.e., a location along Franklin Road in Marietta — be far behind?”
Source: Marietta Daily Journal/Saturday

Savannah crime: Drain the cesspools
“If there was a magic wand that would make Savannah’s crime problems disappear, someone would have waved it a long time ago.”
Source: Savannah Morning News/Sunday

Kevin Klinkenberg: Savannah’s 1733 city plan a model for today
“I can’t tell you how many plans I’ve read where a city used language to tout itself something akin to ‘The New American City’ or ‘America’s 21st Century City.’”
Source: Savannah Morning News/Sunday

Larry Peterson: America has lost its way on foreign policy
“Our foreign-policy seems to have the reverse Midas touch. Everything we handle these days appears to go awry. Consider Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and now Egypt.”
Source: Savannah Morning News/Sunday

A circle of hope
“What if you could take two big problems, put them together – and end up with a solution for both? And what if that solution were agreeable to liberals and conservatives, Democrats and Republicans alike, and most everyone in-between?”
Source: Augusta Chronicle/Sunday

Darrell Huckaby: A brief history of back-to-school shopping
“There are back-to-school sales everywhere. I feel like George C. Scott in the movie “Patton.” Remember that one scene when Ike is planning the invasion of Europe and Patton is in charge of an imaginary unit in England? Scott looks out the widow of his elaborate headquarters and laments, ‘The whole world is at war and I’m not part of it!’”
Source: Athens Banner-Herald/Sunday

Ed Grisamore: They shared a beautiful love story
“Jack DeMave’s eyes dance when he remembers the day Camille Smith swept him off his feet.”
Source: Macon Telegraph/Sunday

Caring stays healthy
“One of the problems with progress, particularly of the slow and steady kind, is that those in the present benefiting from it often simply assume that what they have in the present has always been there.”
Source: Rome News-Tribune/Sunday

Blowing in the wind
“You can understand if officials in Hall County’s various cities are a little reluctant to enter into business deals with the county government.”
Source: Gainesville Times/weekend

Johnny Vardeman: Communities’ curious names fall from maps
“Longtime Hall County residents are familiar with the names of unincorporated crossroads communities such as Blackshear Place, Price, Brookton, Quillians, The Glades and Chestnut Mountain, which once was known as Chestnut Hill.”
Source: Gainesville Times/weekend

Danger, Will Robinson, danger
“Leave it to the federal government to save us from our foolishness. On Friday, the State Department issued a momentous world-wide travel alert. Its impact on all of our lives is of such importance that we feel it necessary to quote it, in part to ensure no one misses the impact.”
Source: Newnan Times-Herald/Sunday

Fort Stewart change: Welcome, general
“You can’t pick your relatives. Or your generals. Fortunately, Savannah’s military community has been lucky when it comes to Army generals who have rotated in and out over the years as commanders of the 3rd Infantry Division at Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield.”
Source: Savannah Morning News

True national security needs true oversight
“White House spokesman Jay Carney said Thursday that ‘some of what we do to make sure that the United States is protected and that our interests are protected has to, by necessity, be secret.’”
Source: Columbus Ledger-Enquirer

Robert Simpson: Slipping away
“Many have experienced the pain of watching a beloved person exhibit a complete personality change while sliding into dementia. I feel a little of such pain as I watch from afar while the personality and character of my native state change for the worse.”
Source: Columbus Ledger-Enquirer

Marlene Allen: Even prisoners deserve adequate health care
“Serving time in a correctional facility is what our legal system has determined is punishment for most convicted people of a crime in America. However, our state system seems to be punishing the inmates further by seeing how near to death an inmate can come by withholding routine medical care. Whether it is intentional for punishment, budgetary cuts or due to incompetence is irrelevant. The result is the same. The public deserves to know that this deplorable situation exists in Georgia.”
Source: Macon Telegraph

Don McKee: Obamacare gives incentive to hiring part-time, temporary workers
“The slow-growth economy got even slower in July as small businesses — America’s growth engine — reported a net loss in jobs for the third month in a row. And although total employment across the country edged up by 162,000 jobs, a whopping two-thirds of those jobs were part time.”
Source: Marietta Daily Journal

Carlton Fletcher: These kids today….are pretty darned amazing
“Overheard comment: ‘These kids today, this younger generation, they’re headed for trouble. They don’t have the necessary work ethic, they’re lazy, they have a different set of values and they won’t listen to grown-ups.’”
Source: Albany Herald

Motorists should stay alert as school starts
“Public schools will reopen this week, so start getting into the habit of watching out for children walking alone or in groups in the mornings and afternoons. They will be out and about starting Thursday, the first day of the new school year in Brunswick and the Golden Isles, waiting for a bus or walking to school.”
Source: Brunswick News


Indigo Triplett: The DNA of helping people
“I grew up in a suburb of Chicago and attended a predominantly white high school. We were at the tail end of the civil rights movement but I never experienced any unrest. However, my parents were not as lucky. When I was in elementary school, my mother came home early one day from her job at a manufacturing company. She said the Ku Klux Klan was meeting in the company cafeteria at 4 p.m. and that there was actually a meeting notice on a bulletin board.”
Source: New York Times


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