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Dalton Mayor Pennington sees Barge as ‘another political insider’


Pennington, who is running for governor, says State Schools Superintendent John Barge, who announced his intent to run for governor, is just another political insider.

Source: Dalton Daily Citizen

Hall County has state’s highest growth of Latino voters
The report found nearly 184,000 Hispanic voters in the state, which is about 3 percent of the state’s electorate and a growth of 26 percent since the Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials’ 2008 study.
Source: Gainesville Times

Rep. Westmoreland to hold town hall meeting August 13 in Newnan
Source: Newnan Times-Herald

Poll shows Michelle Nunn off to strong start in Georgia
Rep. Phil Gingrey and businessman David Perdue are Ms. Nunn’s strongest opposition, both tied with her – 41-41 and 40-40, respectively.
Source: Wall Street Journal


• Michelle Nunn to launch 10-city tour
Nunn is scheduled to appear Wednesday in Macon, with stops later this week in Columbus, Albany and Valdosta. Next week, she’ll visit Savannah, Augusta, Athens, Rome and Dalton.
Source: WTOC-TV

Tom Baxter: Ted Cruz, Ralph Hudgens and the Copperheads
“Last week, Politico reports, longtime conservative activist Richard Viguerie gave a rave notice to a movie about a Democratic, anti-war civil liberties advocate. ‘Copperhead,’ a film about northern opponents of the Civil War and the abuse they suffered, ‘will hit close to home for every conservative fighting to preserve our Constitution and our American way of life,’ Viguerie emailed his followers. ‘Copperhead is about standing up for faith, for America, and for what’s right, just like you and I are doing today.’”

Rep. Jack Kingston pleased with campaign progress
Source: Southeast Georgia Today

Sen. Saxby Chambliss backs federal spy program
“These programs are controversial. We understand that. But they’re also very important,” Chambliss said in a statement released by his office. “If we did not have these programs, we simply wouldn’t be able to listen in on the bad guys.”
Source: Augusta Chronicle

Political Insider: Behind Reince Priebus’ blackball threat to CNN, NBC
“Possibly, you saw Reince Priebus on TV this morning, pushing this line, as described by the Associated Press: The Republican National Committee charged Monday that NBC and CNN are promoting a potential presidential candidacy by Hillary Rodham Clinton, threatening to blackball them from future Republican primary debates if they air upcoming programs on the former secretary of state.”
Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Jay Bookman: Burrell Ellis, Nathan Deal and the line between legal and illegal
“Last month, DeKalb County CEO Burrell Ellis was suspended from office until 14 felony corruption charges against him can be resolved. In a grand jury indictment, Ellis is accused of shaking down companies that sought contracts with the county, steering business to firms that agreed to contribute to his campaign, and stripping business from those that refused.”
Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution

D.A. King has full-time campaign against illegal immigration in Georgia underway
As lawmakers return to their home districts for the August recess, advocates like Mr. King are joining forces with national groups that oppose legalization and favor reduced immigration for an all-out populist push.
Source: New York Times

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