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Judge: Baby murder defendant’s sister Sabrina will not be tried in Marietta with him and their mother

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De’Marquise Elkins, 18, and his mother, Karimah, are the only ones of four family members who will be tried in Marietta beginning Aug. 19 in the March 21 shooting death of 13-month-old Antonio Santiago and wounding of his mother, Sherry West.

Police say the toddler was shot in the face as he sat in a stroller after two boys first tried to take his mother’s purse. One of them shot West in the leg and the pair ran away, police said.

Superior Court Judge Stephen Kelley ruled Thursday that De’Marquise Elkins’ older sister, Sabrina, had the right to be tried in Glynn County, where she is charged with disposing of a revolver that police say was used the shootings. Her appointed lawyer, W. Frank Aspinwall, had never filed a motion for a change of venue and told Kelley Thursday that Sabrina Elkins did not want her trial moved.

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