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St. George faces possible closure of post office

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In many small, rural communities the post office serves as more than just a place to buy stamps or pick up mail. It’s a gathering place, a place to exchange news and gossip, and a lifeline to the larger world.

When word went out recently that the United States Postal Service was considering closing the St. George post office as part of a nationwide cost-cutting effort, people in the South County town were concerned.

Last Thursday, USPS Manager of Post Office Operations Ron Jarrell was in St. George to listen to those concerns at a community meeting.

Originally to be held in the post office itself, the meeting was quickly shifted to the St. George community center when more than 50 people showed up to hear about the USPS’s plans and voice their opinions.

“This is quite a turnout,” Jarrell said. “I’ve been conducting these meetings all over the region and this is the largest one we’ve had.”

The USPS manager told those assembled he was there to hear “what the people want from their post office” and discuss the options.

“We’re losing money everyday,” Jarrell told the crowd. “Our initial plan was to close many of the small, rural post offices around the county, but we heard right away — loud and clear — that people do not want their post office closed.

via Charlton County Herald > News > St. George faces possible P.O. closure.

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