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Volunteer uses social media to find homes for animals

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A Waycross woman is using Facebook and YouTube to find friends for dogs.

As often as she can, Charlotte de la Vergne takes her video and still cameras to the Okefenokee Humane Society and captures the faces and wagging tails of dogs who need homes. She posts them online and often they result in adoptions.

After de la Vergne retired as an investigator with the local office of the Georgia Department of Family and Children’s Service 13 years ago, she planned a trip to Paris.

“At the time, I began to work on my photography skills because I wanted to capture the beauty of that city,’’ she said. “Now I’m a part of the photography guild of the Okefenokee Heritage Center.”

De la Vergne said she’s developed a fondness for pets from the time she was a toddler.

Her first dog was “Whitey,” a small mixed breed that she had for 10 years.

As her photography skills developed, de la Vergne approached the humane society and offered her services in 2010.

“I figured that if we would be able to tell those animals’ stories through photos, it would increase their chances of being adopted,” she said.

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