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State’s freight corridor network includes I-985

Special to SEGAZINE

The official network is intended as “a cohesive and complete map of the state’s priority of roads for freight movements,” according to the Georgia Department of Transportation.
Source: Gainesville Times

Study shows education and workforce development play roles in decreasing disparities
Source: Gainesville Times

Civilian furloughs end at Fort Gordon
Six weeks of civilian furloughs have ended.
Source: Augusta Chronicle/Saturday

Middle Georgians commemorate 50th anniversary of march on Washington
Source: Macon Telegraph/Saturday


• Activist says mass incarceration of minorities is new Jim Crow
Former President of the Gainesville-Hall County NAACP Willie Mitchell drove to the nation’s capital for the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington. “I’m saying (incarceration is) another form of Jim Crow. There are as many African-Americans in jail as slaves in the 1850s — there’s something wrong with that.”
Source: Gainesville Times 

• 200 gather to celebrate civil rights victories of 1963
Source: Savannah Morning News/Sunday 

• Is MLK dream a reality? Yes and no in one city
A look at Birmingham, Alabama over the last fifty years.
Source: Athens Banner-Herald/Sunday 

• Speech by Rep. John Lewis on 50th anniversary of King speech
Source: New York Times/Sunday 

• Tens of thousands of people attend Washington rally for 50th anniversary of King speech
“A lineup of civil rights heroes, current movement leaders, labor leaders and Democratic officials addressed a vast crowd that stretched east from the Lincoln Memorial to the knoll of the Washington Monument.”
Source: New York Times/Sunday 

• New generation takes up Martin Luther King, Jr.’s crusade
A look at today’s youth protesters, with hot-button issues like racial profiling, police stop-and-frisk practices, and social justice joining global causes like immigration reform, women’s rights, and issues affecting other minority communities.
Source: Christian Science Monitor 

Middle Georgia getting more comfortable with alcohol events, brewing
What was once a fairly dry Bible Belt is evolving into an area with local breweries, whiskey distilleries, beer festivals and more; all of these changes have happened with little to no organized opposition from religious groups.
Source: Macon Telegraph/Saturday


• Macon Beer Festival sells out for a good cause
1,000 tickets were available and sold for the event that benefits Pints for Prostates.
Source: Macon Telegraph/Sunday 

Town of Nelson backs off on mandatory gun ownership by residents
The settlement says Nelson will add a provision to the mandatory gun ordinance saying that the ordinance is not enforceable and will never be enforced.

Summer rains delay Georgia’s road work
“The majority of Georgia’s road construction happens from March to November.”

“Hands Across the Border” campaign takes aim at Labor Day revelers
Sunday was the kickoff of the 22nd “Hands Across the Border” DUI Enforcement Campaign. For the six days leading up to the Labor Day holiday, Georgia law enforcement will be working with all our border states to conduct road checks.
Source: WRDW-TV

Gas prices for Labor Day weekend to be lower than 2012
Travel is expected to be up by 4.2%.

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