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Albany gets new heart cath technology

Special to SEGAZINE

Phoebe Putney Memorial now has a cutting-edge cardiovascular imaging system in its cath lab.

Source: Albany Herald


North Georgia clinics offer drive-thru flu shots
Source: Dalton Daily Citizen


Wayne Memorial Hospital has $100.6 million impact on area
Source: Press-Sentinel


John Gogick: ‘Chronicle’ reporter will help you understand health care reform
“Surrogacy and expertise. Just two of the many things your subscription to The Augusta Chronicle pays for. We go to public meetings in your stead. Meetings that you don’t have time to attend. Meetings on how your tax money is spent and how services, such as trash, are decided. Meetings whose results affect your everyday lives.”
Source: Augusta Chronicle/Saturday


New technology improves lung biopsy process at Doctors Health in Augusta
The new technology helped one patient avoid surgery.
Source: Augusta Chronicle/Saturday


Georgia Department of Public Health wants input on budgets
The state Department of Public Health and its board of public health want to hear from Georgia residents as they begin to plan for the amended budget for the 2014 fiscal year and the fiscal year 2015 general budget.
Source: Athens Banner-Herald/Saturday/AP


Emergency alert issued in Georgia for toxic substance sold at convenience stores
The emergency alert has been sent to doctors and physician assistants about a potentially lethal substance, called “Crazy Clown” or “Herbal Madness Incense,” sold in convenience stores and other shops.
Source: Athens Banner-Herald/Saturday


• Eight hospitalized in Brunswick from reaction to smoking ‘spice’
Source: Georgia Times-Union/Saturday

• Three more people treated for smoking ‘spice’
Source: Georgia Times-Union

Florida boy loses fight against brain-eating parasite
12-year old Zachary Reyna died at a hospital in Miami three weeks after contracting the parasite in a kneeboarding activity; an experimental drug did not work for him.
Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution/Sunday

Phoebe Family Medicine in Ashburn to close
Phoebe Family Medicine Ashburn clinic was losing thousands of dollars a month, and has lost $ 2.3 million dollars since 2008.
Source: WALB-TV


Gwinnett Medical Center treats whole woman at Breast Health Center
Treating the whole woman whose life now includes breast cancer involves everything from nutrition to finances, prosthesis to wig selection, from family counseling to physician selection.
Source: Gwinnett Daily Post




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