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To our readers…

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The Brantley Enterprise is considering an increase in the price of the newspaper at newsstands and the cost of subscriptions. When corporations plan on making major changes they often clear it with their shareholders beforehand. We consider you, our subscribers and those who purchase the newspaper each week at the newsstand, to be our shareholders, so we’re asking you to provide input on our plans.

The poor economy has hurt everybody and we are acutely aware of that — it’s hurt us too. So we do not take this decision lightly. And we’re not trying to get rich on the backs of our readers. The increase will simply help us pay our bills. And we know that no one out there has a bunch of money to just donate to the newspaper, although many of you probably would be willing if you did. We’d like you to think about this as a less costly way to show your support to the newspaper.

We are aggressively seeking more advertisers to foot the lion’s share of the cost of operations, and we’re looking at new media as an income generator and the possibility of expanding our coverage area to draw more interest from area advertisers. But our Brantley County readers will remain our most important core constituency and we will not do anything that might take away from our focus on Brantley County. You are our home county and we will not forget our roots. Ever.

Some weekly papers have increased their price to as much as $1. More have set their newsstand price at 75 cents. And most now charge $20 to $25 for a one-year subscription. The Brantley Enterprise currently sells for only 50 cents at the newsstand and subscribers pay only $15 per year for a one-year subscription if they live in the county, and $20 if they reside outside of the county.

We propose that the newsstand price be raised to 75 cents and subscriptions be increased to $20 for in-county residents and $25 for out-of-county. Senior citizen rates will remain at $10 per year because most of them are on fixed incomes that already can’t be stretched nearly far enough and we don’t want to add to their burden.

What will you get in return? We plan to increase our page count in the near future to make room for even more Brantley County news and features and we will continue to uphold the highest standards of journalistic integrity and objectivity, provide the most complete and accurate coverage of local news and events, including but going far beyond reports of all local governments and municipalities as well crime reports  and emergency updates.

We’ve also established our website as a personal daily newspaper for readers with important breaking news and emergency information posted there daily, and automatically reposted to our Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr pages. And it’s free to read.

So please mull it over and let us know what you think about the plan. And please respond as quickly as you can. The need is urgent and we need to make a decision as soon as possible.

Thank you for your loyalty to The Brantley Enterprise. We hear from some of you each day, exhorting us to keep up the good fight. We are humbled by the faith you place in us. And we will work hard to earn it.


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3 Responses to To our readers…

  1. William Gibson Reply

    August 27, 2013 at 3:34 pm

    I have no problem with your proposal. Go for it.

  2. Karen Harrell Reply

    August 27, 2013 at 4:30 pm

    Ken, Lori and Chris,
    Do what you need to do. Going up on the price of the newspaper a few cents on the newsstand is not going to stop folks from buying your paper. Same with subscriptions, I really don’t think you will lose any customers. I plan to do a small ad before the Christmas parade to try and boost sales for me that day.
    I enjoy reading the updates on Facebook, too.

  3. Holly Turner Reply

    August 29, 2013 at 8:02 pm

    You are doing a wonderful job ..if this is what it takes to keep that going then I am all for it. I find it admirable that you are keeping the senior price the same,that speaks to the integrity of the paper and those who are contributing to it. Thanks again for all your hard work.

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