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Outburst on field ends Heron game in Folkston

Special to SEGAZINE

Lightning delayed the start of the Heron game against Charlton County Friday and the game ended on a sour note after a Brantley player blocked an Indian kick.

What happened next depends on who is telling the story.

Heron fans say Charlton coaches crossed the field and assaulted Heron Dalton Chesser after he smashed into the kicker with what the coaches might have considered undue force.

Indian fans say Chesser threw a punch at an opposing player, which drew Indian coaches and players onto the field sparking a melee which then drew law-enforcement officers onto the fields as well.

Heron and Indian coaches agreed to end the game early and Charlton took away a 34-6 win.

As lop-sided as that score may appear, the Heron defense played well through three quarters, holding the Indians to only 14 points in the first half, and Tristan Youmans scored the only Heron touchdown with 7:59 remaining in the third quarter.

The Indians scored first with 1:32 left in the first quarter, then again with 5:56 left in the half.

Charlton scored another touchdown to lead 21-6 at the end of the third quarter, and another just over a minute later to take the win.

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3 Responses to Outburst on field ends Heron game in Folkston

  1. TRG Reply

    September 1, 2013 at 11:41 pm

    There was no melee what so ever..

  2. chad chesser Reply

    September 3, 2013 at 7:44 pm

    Dalton was in the wrong for what he done.He was ejected from the game.Coach Walker took it a step futher and threw Dalton off the team.The same coach that charged the stands last year wanting to fight a players father.Coach still has his job.Dalton has put his heart and soul in the Herons football team for 3 years I believe he deserves a chance to finish what he started.The easy way out for the school is what they have done by getting rid of a good ball player.I know this is what Charlton want.I don’t care what they say or want. Dalton Chesser is a fine young man who made a mistake and instead of a coach and a principle standing with the Herons they more worried about Coach Mac and what he thinks.Another coach that charged the field swinging and cussing Friday night.Bet Hes still got his job.I think its time for a coach with a football mind.Someone that practices what he preaches!GO HERONS!!!!

  3. Georgia Reply

    September 5, 2013 at 11:47 pm

    I am very disappointed, with the way they handled this about Dalton Chesser. This did not just start Friday nite at the game. This coach has had it in for Dalton, for more then 2 yrs.I feel as if Dalton has been abused. I also know that someone has had something in for Dalton for a while. I feel as if this person should check their heart and the intentions they have. This young man has made mistakes But I also know how many other people have made mistakes and their life was not been stole from them. Football teaches you to be aggressive. Dalton has been playing Football since he was 6 years old. I have seen personal fouls on the field in my years of going to football games. No one has been punished like this. I have lived in Brantley county all my life and this is wrong dead wrong. I don’t know really what you want. He put his heart in the herons all of his life. But some of these other Players have not had their hearts in Brantley county all their lives. This is wrong. Our Coach at Brantley County has not been a saint his self, He jumped the fence and went into the stands, after a Football players father, But nothing was done to the Coach. Also the Coach from Charlton county has been a very aggressive coach. He really puts his players through hard times, also the other night he came out on the field Cussing and swinging his arms. He wanted to get a hold of Dalton. I talked to a very upstanding person who works in county. He said he saw Dalton and the play. He does football his self. And he told me that he saw Dalton when the play was made and that, He saw Dalton try to hold back but it was to late, He saw the regret on his face the minute it happened. Dalton is a very wonderful young man. he is not always causing trouble. He was just fired up in the moment, of the game. Just always remember if you hear someone say something about what I have said. You will know Hit Dog Always Hollers, so then we will find the one who did it. Also their has always been problems between the Herons and the Indians. Coach Mac has been sent to the Bus many times Kicked off of the field at Brantley County High. And other football fields because of his aggressive behavior. But he still has his JOB but Dalton is having to be abused by the School and county he is being put off of the football team. Also the Comment you made in this paper should be retracted and he is owed a public apology. And you should do a reprint. What is everyone trying to do DESTROY this young mans life. Also some one told me they have seen football players throw the Ball around on the field jump up and down and have fits on the football field in this county, and talk about how they were going to get some other people. I have seen men playing Baseball in this county and other counties. Their demeanor was disgusting when they made a mistake or did not win. So I feel as if Dalton needs a Break, but best of all. What goes around comes around. So please be careful.

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