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State’s utility regulators approve deal to put off decision on Georgia Power budget

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The agreement means the debate over the rising cost of building two reactors at Plant Vogtle will be delayed for years, putting off a decision on whether Georgia Power can raise its budget for building two reactors until the first is finished.
Source: Augusta Chronicle

“Happiest cities” survey lists Atlanta at #4
The new Harris Poll Happiness Index compiled by Harris Interactive put Atlanta at #4 happiest, behind Dallas/Ft. Worth, Houston and Philadelphia.
Source: Atlanta Business Chronicle

Most comprehensive collection of Black Vernacular Art is in Atlanta
Bill Arnett is a writer, editor, curator and renowned art collector. On the west side of town, in a mid-century brick warehouse, he has amassed 1,500 works by more than 100 African-American artists. It is the most comprehensive collection of Black Vernacular Art on earth.
Source: WXIA-TV

Confusion exists among same sex marriage taxes in Georgia
Some couples have to file three returns — one married federal return and two single returns for state taxes.
Source: WXIA-TV


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