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Two veterans walk through Tifton on their way to D.C.

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Two veterans are walking more than 3,000 miles to ultimately reach Washington, D.C. by Veterans Day on Nov. 11 in support of the U.S. Constitution.
Source: Tifton Gazette

Audio: A talk with new Georgia Democratic Party Chairman DuBose Porter

CSRA Peace Alliance members in Augusta protest military action against Syria
Source: Augusta Chronicle

• Former Fort Benning commanders displeased with President Obama’s handling of Syria
Retired Lt. Gen. R.L. “Sam” Wetzel said the president made a serious mistake in 2012 when he set chemical weapons as a redline for U.S. engagement in the civil war between the Bashar al-Assad government and rebel forces. Lt. Gen. Carmen Cavezza, another former Fort Benning commander, said the president had a tough decision to make, and he doesn’t envy his position. But Cavezza said he’s concerned the president, by waiting for congress reconvene before moving forward, isn’t acting with urgency.
Source: Columbus Ledger-Enquirer 

Conservatives put pressure on Georgia senators on health care
Sens. Johnny Isakson and Saxby Chambliss say they’re all for stopping the health care law, just not shutting down most of the federal government to do it.
Source: Athens Banner-Herald

U.S. Rep. Phil Gingrey says there’s serious decision to be made on Syria
Gingrey, speaking in Canton, said he was surprised by House Speaker John Boehner’s support of President Obama’s request to take military action against Syria.
Source: Marietta Daily Journal

State School Superintendent John Barge launches campaign for governor’s seat
“We have tremendous support across the state with educators and teachers, and they’re a pretty strong force,” Barge said. “They still have the respect of their communities, so their help will help.”
Source: Rome News-Tribune

• John Barge launches campaign for governor
Barge’s central campaign message is “Georgia deserves better” and he hopes to attract educators with a message of increased funding for public education.
Source: Cartersville Daily Tribune News 

• Audio: Barge announces run for governor

• Barge explains run for governor
“In my opinion, being an incumbent is not a free pass to a second term,” said Barge.
Source: WSB-TV 

• John Barge outlines 2014 campaign for governor

• Political Insider: The superintendent’s rollout: Barge for govenor, er, governor
“It wasn’t the best way for Superintendent John Barge to kick off his campaign. Shortly before he rolled out his campaign at Smyrna’s City Hall, we noticed that his team had misspelled a pretty crucial word on his website: Governor. We’ll let you see for yourself.”
Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution 

Farm Bill deadline looms
Floyd County has seen more than $8 million in agricultural subsidies since 1995.
Source: Rome News-Tribune

Southern Democrats campaign as ‘problem solvers’
In Georgia, Democrat Michelle Nunn launched her bid for an open U.S. Senate seat in Georgia with a two-week, 10-city tour that she dubbed “What Washington can learn from Georgia.” She planned community service events and offered a dual message at each stop: Folks can get along and make things happen on the ground without Washington.

Kyle Wingfield: Did Georgia Democrats pick the right chairman?
“I’m no expert on the Democratic Party of Georgia, and the internal politics of any party can be difficult to decipher, as I’ve learned after covering a couple of Georgia GOP state conventions. That said, there are a couple of things about Georgia Democrats’ selection this past weekend of DuBose Porter as their new party chairman that stike this outside observer as rather interesting.”
Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Jamie Dupree: Congress moves forward on Syria
“Hours after wrapping up a hearing on possible U.S. military strikes against Syria over that nation’s use of chemical weapons, leaders of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee struck a deal on a bipartisan resolution to authorize the use of force, as key Senators in both parties agreed on a 60-day time limit for action and a specific ban on the presence of U.S. combat troops in Syria.”
Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution


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